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Headshot-Factory provides you with a choice of high quality lag-free servers, where you are able to warm up, train your aiming or any other in-game skill

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List of available commands

Command Meaning
!call Calls an admin
!follow Follows the last player that "!hop"'d on a different server
!hop / !list / !servers Join a different HSFactory server without using server browser
!rtv Rocks the vote
!timeleft Displays how much time is left until the end of the map
!vip Opens up a page, where you can purchase a VIP package and support us
!votemap Brings up a menu to vote for a new map
!steam Opens up our Steam Group page
!endsounds Toggles sound
!mystats Opens up a page with all your stats
!hitboxme Displays your stats on a hitbox
!rank Displays your current ranking
!resetmyrank Completely resets your stats
!stats ...
!tophs Displays players with highest headshot percentage
XX - number
Displays current mode's top XX players
Only on nade servers
.noclip Toggles noclip