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Headshot-Factory provides you with a choice of high quality lag-free servers, where you are able to warm up, train your aiming or any other in-game skill

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Global Elite 5 EUR
    • Reserved slot on all our servers [EU & NA]
    • All !store items available for free
    • 2500 !credits (for use after VIP expires)
    • Custom Chat & Scoreboard Tag
    • VIP Privileges in our Discord channel
    • Access to the in-gameĀ !VIP command
    • Reserved Slot/Queue Priority. Connect to a full server and be placed on a team at the start of the next round!
Baguette Pack 2 EUR
  • All !store Items Free
  • 1500 !credits [for when VIP expires]
  • Custom Chat & Scoreboard [Tags] using the ingame !vip command
  • VIP in our Discord channel
  • A month of VIP on all the EU Servers!

    This pack gives you a 30 day VIP subscription to all of our European Servers!