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Headshot-Factory provides you with a choice of high quality lag-free servers, where you are able to warm up, train your aiming or any other in-game skill

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There is no longer a server browser as we used to have in our old version of the site. We recommend you use sourcebans panel instead.


We are still using hlstats panel to gather statistics from all our servers. You can retrieve those stats from the hlstats panel.


In addition to changin our main landing page, we added a store section. This section allow you to purchase VIP packs, coins for surf store, private teamspeak channel and more... VIP can now be purchased through the store page. From baguette to Global Elite, we have created multiples samples to cover your needs the best we can.

Note that we added credit cards payment with thee existing paypal method.


Our forums is the place to exchange with our community. Players, developers, administrators, map makers... Everyone should be able to find a great place there.