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Servers migration 10 Sep 2017

Servers migration

All HSFactory servers have been migrated to a new platform to simplify their management and improve performances. Following this migration, we opened some new servers, feel free to update your favorites ;)



  • EU DM #1 - fr-gra-3.h5f.io:27015
  • EU DM #2 - fr-gra-4.h5f.io:27016
  • EU DM #3 - fr-gra-4.h5f.io:27025
  • EU DM Pistol #1 - fr-gra-3.h5f.io:27016
  • EU HSDM #1 - fr-gra-3.h5f.io:27017
  • EU HSDM #2 - fr-gra-4.h5f.io:27015
  • DeathMatch FFA D2 [DE] -

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